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Ear & Eye Infections

Ear infections and eye infections can cause significant and sometimes serious pain,  overnight awakening, missed school, missed work, and lots of parental heartache.

At our local Urgent Care Clinic located at Northeast Oklahoma we know how to treat these infections. For some children, infections in the ear can be a chronic problem and lead to repeated clinic visits, multiple courses of antibiotics and, rarely, a need for tube placement by surgery. For most children, ear infections occur more sporadically, just bad luck after a cold. Eye infections occur when harmful microorganisms — bacteria, fungi and viruses — invade any part of the eyeball or surrounding area. This includes the clear front surface of the eye (cornea) and the thin, moist membrane lining the outer eye and inner eyelids (conjunctiva).

Please visit our Urgent Care Clinic in Northeast Oklahoma City, walk – ins welcomed. Ear Infections and eye infections can be serious, please do not delay, meet with one of our Health Care Providers as soon as possible.

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