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Here at Charter Clinic, we want to wish everyone a very safe and fun Thanksgiving! Here is a yummy pumpkin roll recipe for you to enjoy with your friends and family:

Tammy Elliott
“This is a great dessert, especially nice for holidays, but it can be served anytime of the year. The resulting pumpkin roll slices will impress your guests. The pumpkin roll is not as hard to make as it sounds. Be sure and use plain canned pumpkin, and not pumpkin pie mix.”


Antibacterial wipes seem like the superheroes of cleaning supplies: They’re easy to grab, completely disposable, and promise a clean and disinfected counter — if (and only if!) you use them absolutely correctly.  Even though these cleaners are billed as “easy,” they still require your care and attention when you use them. Make a wrong move, and all of their superpowers essentially disappear.

​Here’s the latest proof to that point: Researchers in the United Kingdom tested how well a single disinfecting wipe killed three different types of bacteria along three consecutive stainless steel surfaces. And what they found out is disappointing, to say the least: Apparently one wipe should only be used in a small area (about a meter square) in order to kill the bacteria. If you use the wipe on a bigger surface (or switch from, say, your microwave to your counter top with the same wipe) you might be spreading the bacteria instead of banishing it.

So if you only grab one piece to wipe down your entire kitchen island, you’re doing it wrong: You likely need two or three to really get the job done. Bummer, we know. But Michaelle Exhume, a product analyst in the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, says it’s worth the extra wipe or two: “​It’s not good practice to use one wipe across multiple surfaces, because this will likely cause cross-contamination.” (Yuck!)

But more than anything, Exhume recommends following the manufacturer’s directions: “If the area wiped does not remain wet for the time directed on the package, you’re only removing dirt and debris on the surface, not disinfecting,” says Exhume.

The bottom line: These trusty wipes are still effective, but each individual one might not go as far as you think. So just make sure you buy ’em in bulk from now on.

With two kids and an accident prone adult, medical emergencies such as lacerations, broken bones, or insect bites would probably be unavoidable in our family. As long as anesthesia is not required, an urgent care facility will likely be more bang for my healthcare dollars. Most urgent care facilities are staffed by former ER doctors and nurses, so the quality of care is at par with hospitals. However, not only are they much more prompt, but it also makes financial sense given the one-time, low cost of using an urgent care facility, even one that does not accept insurance. I am glad that in a world of rising healthcare costs and stealth healthcare taxes, urgent care facilities can prove to be a lower cost alternative to traditional hospitals.

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